The Gender Ads Project

Advertising, Education, Activism

Background: This site is an educational resource that focuses on the ways in which gender (and related issues like sexuality, social class, race, etc.) and advertising intersect. The primary focus of this Web site is print advertising.

Approach: Each thematic page includes:


The Ads: The ads used in this database have been scanned from popular magazines and have been located online.

Dates and Sources: I have received many requests for information about the ads featured on the site. Unless in cases in which I have listed the date and source magazine for the ad, I do not have information on the sources. This site is not focused on the specific dates and sources (the unique context of the ads in terms of their production) but more on the visual composition and visual context of the ads.

Organization: The Web site is organized with the following exhibits:

  • Ideas - a section of the site that discusses the aims of the site, the history, and overarching issues.

  • Roles - this section focuses on the types of roles and various types that are common to women in advertising.

  • Objects - this section addresses ways in which objectification occurs in advertising.

  • Males - this segment looks at how males have been the subject of advertising, including forms of objectification.

  • Both - these exhibits feature examples of men, women, gays, and lesbians in various contexts.

  • Violence - this segment addresses examples of violence that appears in advertising.

  • Politics - this focuses on issues beyond the explicit issue of gender, including race, social class, and age.

  • Other - these exhibits are more specialized and will change from time to time.

  • Learning - this new set of exhibits offers some resources for educational use of the Web site.

  • Contact - a contact form appears on this Web site.